The Project

The Project is a relational ministry that provides mentoring and discipleship for teenage boys in urban Columbus, Ohio. Most of these young men are growing up in homes with generational poverty, no father, and family members struggling with substance abuse.

We invest in lives to break generations of destructive behavior, fight against poverty, create and nurture spiritual growth, and create a family atmosphere within the group.

As these people grow up, they give back to the younger generation of The Project and have a positive influence in their communities.

What We Do

We meet as a group on Friday nights, play sports and games together, enjoy a family meal, pray, and learn practical lessons from scripture. Many who get involved describe The Project as family.

Our reach also extends beyond Friday nights. As we get to know everyone’s families, we often find needs unmet and opportunities to mentor and speak into their lives. God has always provided, and we are amazed to see his work done.

Quantity time is quality time: we share a meal together consistently—every Friday—as a family.

We study short passages of scripture, pray, and discuss how we can apply the Gospel to our lives.

We often unwind with games of basketball, football, chess, and other games and activities.

What The Project Means

It’s like another family in my life. We get to hang out with older guys and learn from them. Jazzy, Age 13
The Project puts God in our lives. Without it, I would probably be running around on the streets and staying out late on Friday nights, causing trouble. Demar, Age 13